Love's Kitchen Serves Thousands Monthly

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It is the time of year that you hear the name Love's Kitchen a lot, but sometimes it's easy to forget that Love's Kitchen does not just help those in need during the holiday season, but year around.

You could call it a lifesaver for some. Love's kitchen feeds breakfast to anywhere from 30 to 60 people, lunch to 200 or 300, equaling about 7,000 meals a month. Love's Kitchen director Fannie Johnson says the meals go to those who have lost their job, are homeless, or are simply going through a rough time.

"Some people never imagine they'd be in a soup kitchen," she says. "So, it's people who have worked their whole lives and tried to maybe buy a house, buy a car, have a little money in the bank. And that puts them in a situation where they don't qualify for food stamps or any other assistance. And they get in a position where they have to choose between going to the grocery store or paying their rent or heat or in the summer time, cooling, or even medicine."

Johnson says because of Love's Kitchen, those less fortunate do not have to choose between being able to eat a meal or paying a bill. She says the meal will be there! As for where the food comes from, she tells us there are several government based organizations, such as Feeding America and Food Donation Connection. Johnson says she could keep listing names, but it's really the entire community that helps.

While all donations are welcome, they must first be inspected to ensure they are safe for everyone to eat.