LOVE's Kitchen Gets Energy Audit

Outside and inside, officials at LOVE's Kitchen in Meridian are looking for ways to save money. To do this, they spent Friday morning taking part in an energy audit.

As part of it, a commercial energy specialist from Mississippi Power surveyed the facility. Ultimately, she says these type audits can be beneficial.

"The amount saved varies." says Jennifer Taylor. "It varies on how they're using electricity. So, there's really no set price; there's no significant amount to it, but every little bit counts and it will help out the customers and we're here to do that."

"She gave me some really helpful hints without spending any money, just a little time," says LOVE's Kitchen Executive Director, Fannie Johnson.

Serving on average 80 people for breakfast and 220 for lunch Monday through Saturday, LOVE's Kitchen officials say they are fortunate to have so many food donations from the community because this keeps down food costs. However, in operating a non-profit agency, they say saving a little bit of money can go a long way.

On average the electric bill at LOVE's Kitchen is about $800 year-round and roughly $1,000 during peak summer months.

"A lot of the ideas that she gave me can help us save money! They were for pennies here and pennies there, but pennies add up to dollars, and if I only save $50 or $100, that's $100 more than what I started with!" says Johnson.

With air and heating usage often the biggest factors for inflating electric bills, Mississippi Power officials recommend residents and businesses keep thermostats set on 78 degrees throughout the year.

"As well as turning off things when you're not using them. Use your ceiling fans during the day or at night. Turn lights off when you're not using them. There's a lot of little things that can add up," says Taylor.

Customers can conduct their own energy audit by going to You can also get energy saving tips by calling: 1-800-353-9777. If needed, Mississippi Power offers on-site energy audits. All of the services are free.