Luter Subject of 3-Part Series

Southern Baptists are poised to make history next month. The convention is expected to elect its first African American president during its annual meeting in New Orleans.

Dr. Fred Luter, the man expected to be the next president, visited Meridian over the weekend.

Newscenter 11 had a sit-down interview with Luter about a wide range of topics, including his life, his plans as president, and the future of the Southern Baptist Convention.

"If we don't get to the point where we can work together to make this thing happen, we will get to the point to where we won't be looked at as an important group anymore, that has a word to say in our nation," said Luter.

Luter will be the subject of a 3-part interview that will air Tuesday through Thursday on Newscenter 11 at 6 and 10.