MADD Encourages Responsibility this Holiday Season

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The Local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving is sending out the message for this New Year’s holiday. They say they are working with all branches of law enforcement to ensure that driving while drinking will not be tolerated. Pam Vance with the Lauderdale County MADD Chapter says with the holidays here, they want people to be aware of the responsibilities they face behind the wheel.

“We hope we remain in people’s minds, foremost when they are having parties or when they are having celebrations of any type, just the fact that they need to be more responsible and take keys, designate that driver, plan ahead, and if you are having a party, then make plans to have somebody call a cab, or be able to do the designated driver.”

Vance says it’s ridiculous and something that can be prevented, and MADD wants to make people more aware that they are still in the picture. Brenda Viverette of MADD speaks on the loss of a child.

“A loss of a child is the worst nightmare that any parent has, and that is what we are trying to do. We’ve already lost children. We’ve lost parents. We’ve lost aunts and uncles, and we don’t want families to go through that.”

Deputy Chris McFarland with the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Department says, “For us to maintain our commitment with MADD to control drunk driving, several parents have lost their children because of drunk driving, that’s the reason we are out, us, Meridian Police, Highway Patrol, we are going to be out and we are going to enforce it.”

MADD says families are destroyed due to drunk and drugged drivers, and this New Year’s holiday, law enforcement will be checking for out of date tags, seatbelt violations, speeding, and insurance.