MAEC Board Discusses Fundraising

A fundraising campaign has been proposed for a statewide project that will be located in Meridian.

Officials with the Mississippi Arts and Entertainment Center hope to kickoff the campaign within the next four months. The approximately $44 million project is set to be built in downtown Meridian, and will spotlight noted entertainers from Mississippi.

"When you think about what this could bring to the downtown Meridian area and the state of Mississippi because this highlights things for the state," said MAEC board member Clay Holladay. "And that's one thing that we want to stress is that this is a state project that just happens to be located in Meridian and that's what's really exciting, is that we have something statewide that's going to be here and a big anchor point for downtown Meridian. It's just all positive."

Details of the fundraiser have yet to be finalized.
The board is hopeful it could kickoff by June 2013.