MASH Bash Blood Drive Falls Short

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After falling short by 78 units during the Annual Mash Bash Blood Drive, United Blood Services is looking for donors a little bit harder to help meet the increased need for blood during the holiday season. Cheryl Reed with United Blood Services says that they get most of their donations from schools and colleges, and with them currently on break, they're looking to the community for help, but unfortunately it's just not there right now.

"We're in cold and flu season right now, and also we have a lot of people out of town with traveling, so that played a large role in why we didn't have a lot of turnout because we have a lot of people that have been sick."

When most people think about donating blood, they imagine what United Blood Services calls a "whole blood donation", and while those are greatly needed, they also accept platelets and plasma. There are several ways you can donate to help pull up the slack from the MASH Bash deficit, especially if you have a certain blood type.

"For our Type Negative, we ask people to donate double reds because we can get two units of blood with one donor. We also ask people to donate platelets and they have a five day expiration date , so we're always in constant need of platelets."

United Blood Services serves hundreds of patients in 66 hospitals in East Mississippi and West Alabama, and Reed says your donation really helps.

"Again, I would like to say 'Thank you' to the community for coming out to support us, and helping us make sure we have blood on the shelves for our patients here in the hospitals."