MCC Conducts Active Shooter Drill

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Meridian, Miss. An active shooter is a very scary scenario, but Meridian Community College wanted to make sure it's prepared in the event something like that happens.

A few dozen extras acted as victims, running around screaming, some with simulated wounds. Multiple agencies utilized special tactics to retake the health center on MCC’s campus. The goal was realism and MCC believes its officers handled it well.

Dean of Student Services, Soraya Welden, said, "I’d give us about a six or seven; I think there were things that we did correctly. We knew there were a couple of places where we could make some improvements and we are going to start working on those immediately."

An EOD team took disarmed fake explosives once the fake gunmen were apprehended.

Lauderdale County Sheriffs Department's SWAT team then swept the building for more explosives and shooters. Some of the students who were not part of the drill described what they did when they heard the fire fight start.

Megan and her friends, Crystene and Kelsey, said "We all got in the corner, in the room, away from the door. I wanted to get into the corner; that’s just where I want to get. She was actually bent down covering herself up."

It was also a learning experience for some of the EMT students, who participated in a simulated triage set up nearby to help the wounded.