MCC Presents Literary Awards

Meridian Community College presented its Literary Review Awards to high school students and members of the community Thursday.

Outstanding writing is recognized in the areas of poetry, short stories and essays.

Award recipients represented at least three counties and both public and private schools.

MCC English and philosophy instructor Joshua Maeda says the college is dedicated to supporting the arts in Mississippi.

"I think it's very important for people to know that Meridian and the surrounding areas, all these places have a great pool of talent," said Maeda. "And this is one way of publicly recognizing this, both at the high school and the community level."

Here's the list of the winners:
High School Poetry
1. Mason Wooldridge, West Lauderdale
2. Kelly Kochanski, Lamar
3. Anna Marie Bell, Neshoba Central
Honorable Mention-Lisa Malloy, Lamar

Community Poetry
1. Lisa Brookins Mercer
2. Lisa Brookins Mercer
3. Barry McMullan
Honorable Mention-Janice Overby

High School Short Story
1. Ariel Elliott, Enterprise
2. Ian Garner, West Lauderdale
3. Heather Sanchez, West Lauderdale

Community Short Story
1. Brenda Copeland
2. Vaughn Brown

High School Essay
1. Rachel Varela, Lamar
2. Sarah Creel, Lamar
3. Jared Overby, West Lauderdale
Honorable Mention-Caroline Summers, Lamar

Community Essay
1. Barry McMullan
2. Janis Overby