MCC and UWA Sign Reverse Transfer Agreement

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University of West Alabama students who got there by way of Meridian Community College now have a way to earn their Associate of Arts Degree while completing their Bachelor's. In an agreement between the schools, students that lacked a few courses from graduating at MCC before transferring to UWA can apply credit for courses taken at West Alabama towards their Associate's. MCC President Dr. Scott Elliott says that he has been working with UWA President Dr. Richard Holland for about a year on this agreement, and that while it's a win/win for both institutions, it's especially good for the students.

"I just think college degrees are important period because the first thing it does is it demonstrates that a person has set high goals for themselves, they have achieved those goals, and that's something for instance from an employer's standpoint that's so very important."

This is the first deal of this type either college has signed with another, and that's because of the long, successful relationship between the two.

"The University of West Alabama is a very special partner for us, given the proximity to Meridian in our region. This is something that I think is going to be a great benefit to the students."

"We've worked together for many, many years and we have a very special bond with our students and with our faculty, and they're one of our best partners on many many projects."

MCC and UWA don't want to just stop with each other. They want to reach out to as many of their students as possible.

"Anybody that wants to have a positive partnership with Meridian Community College that would benefit students, I'm always welcome to look at it."

"This is the first community college we've worked with. We have five others in the state of Alabama that we're going to next."