MCCSA Donates Clothes to Less Fortunate

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It has been said you'll never know how much you need something till it's not there and one local organization has done all they can for those without adequate clothing this winter. The Multi-County Community Service Agency in Meridian serves several counties all across East Central Mississippi working to combat poverty. Their motto helping people, and changing lives certainly stands true after the work put in this winter. The executive director of the organization says that every year they receive clothing donations and they work to distribute them to the necessary places

"These clothes were donated just before it got cold and we were trying to get them out to daycare centers and the headstart centers, said Executive Director Cole. "Their were a lot of gloves and hats, then we had some infant things for the meridian center."

The clothes are donated year round and not just during the winter, but because of the extreme cold this year, the organization has given out almost six hundred dollars worth of clothes to the people who need them most.

"We're trying to make sure that people, we don't have a clothing bank as such," said Cole. "But as these clothes are donated I make sure that they are given out to our clients"

Cole believes it is important for everyone to donate so that they can give back to the community of people who have nothing.