MCCSA: Vision 216 Campaign

A capitol campaign is being launched to assist an agency which helps residents throughout the eastern and central parts of Mississippi. Multi-County Community Service Agency serves residents in: Clarke, Kemper, Lauderdale, Newton, Neshoba, Scott, Smith, Jasper and Wayne counties. The agency is now looking to private individuals and businesses within those areas and beyond for some help of its own.

MCCSA has kicked off a campaign called Vision 216; the goal for it is to raise more than $1 million over the next two years.

"We want to raise money so that we can address some specific needs that our federal dollars, or our state grant dollars are not attached to," says MCCSA Public Relations Consultant, Larry Nix.

He says the proceeds raised as part of the campaign will be used to address some of the agency's capitol needs such as: infrastructure, renovations and debt liquidation. Nix says the campaign funds will help supplement federal and state money that the agency has lost due to budget cuts.

"They've been cut on the federal level. They've been cut on the state level, and even when you are given those dollars you have to do 'x, y and z' with those dollars. Well, guess what? The dollars are dwindling, but the need to help the community, the need to help the citizenry and the need to help the people keeps growing, and we can't turn our backs because we're in the business of helping people."

In all, MCCSA serves residents in nine counties, and provides ten programs which range from electric bill assistance to Meals on Wheels, and a shelter for the homeless. For more information about the agency's Vision 216 Campaign call (601) 483-4838.