MDA Representatives Tour Kemper County

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More than a dozen representatives from the Mississippi Development Authority were invited to tour parts of Kemper County on Friday.

The MDA says the Mississippi Power plant, in particular, has generated a lot of questions and that it is important for experts to receive first-hand knowledge.

The head of economic development in Kemper County, Craig Hitt, tells Newscenter 11 that while the county will always be a rural community, he says he believes there is a bright future for the area given the current growth. That is why he says it is important for MDA leaders to be informed on projects taking place in the county.

Meanwhile, MDA says the lignite coal plant is definitely striking.

"You're driving through the piney hills of East Mississippi and then all of a sudden, you come across this clearing and this gigantic plant," according to Skip Scaggs with MDA. "It's an enormous facility. It's amazing to know the work that's gone in to it."

"They are the ones who see if a prospect is looking to possibly locate in Mississippi, they see the package first," Hitt points out. "So, we want them to know what potential we have."

Hitt says leaders are currently looking at infrastructure on the east side of the county that will also help with growth there.