MEMA Prepares for Severe Weather

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Preparation is already underway across the State of Mississippi, as much of the state prepares for a round of severe weather that hasn't been seen since April 27th, 2011. Mississippi Emergency Management Agency has already implemented plans as the severe weather draws near and MEMA Director Robert Latham says it's pertinent that everyone has a plan during events such as this.

"Know how you're going to get the alerts should there be a tornado warning. If you are a business have a business plan, know how you are going to protect your employees," said Latham. "Have a safe place in your business for your employees to go. The children at school, obviously they practice tornado drills as part of their curriculum and they are good at it. Teachers and administrators do the things that are necessary to protect them and time and time again it's those activities that save their lives."

The severe weather is expected to impact East Mississippi and West Alabama Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning and Alan Gerard of the National Weather Service says 30 to 40 percent of tornado warnings in the state result in a confirmed touchdown. Although many see Tornado warnings as a "Boy Who Cried Wolf" scenario, it's something that needs to be taking with extreme importance each time.

"It's especially important for people to in Mississippi to stay prepared because we can pretty much get tornadoes at any time of the year," said Gerard. "So really people at least need to have that sense of being prepared and aware at all times."

With smartphones now capable of alerting people of severe weather as well as NOAA weather radios, one can never be too prepared in protecting their life.