MFD Making Early Push for Fire Station

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Meridian, Miss. City Budget talks have been the focus of many departments lately within the city of Meridian, but one department within the city already has plans when it comes to requesting money for the 2016 budget. Fire Chief Anthony Clayton stated at a recent City Council work session that more pay for his guys are his number one priority, but he is also asking for money to buy land to purchase fire station number 2 and a command vehicle.

"I'm projecting to try to do something with in 2016's budget not 2015's budget," Clayton said. "This is a step process, if we'll take them by land first then in 2016 see if we can't come up with a bond issue or something to go ahead and purchase the fire station."

Clayton says he knows this a project that will take some time and that the city doesn't have the money to go ahead with that full project immediately, but he still wants to start immediately.

"It's a work in progress, we just don't want to jump out there and boom, boom, boom," Clayton said. "I know the city's in financial straits, but we are still a fire department and we have to have certain things to operate."

All the things that Clayton says the department needs would total about half a million dollars according to him.