MHS Students Attend College/Career Fair

College, business and military recruiters were on the campus of Meridian High School Wednesday.

Each was trying to appeal to future high school graduates and influence their post-secondary plans.

Twenty-five entities participated in the college/career fair.

Students were able to talk with representatives about their options for the future.

"We have so many students at Meridian High School that have a 2.5 or higher, or a 2.0 and higher, that can go on to a college and/or university after high school," said senior counselor Mia McDonald. "So we wanted to bring these colleges to them so that they can have just choices on what they want to do."

McDonald said MHS sought local businesses to participate because some students may want or need to go to work directly after high school.

All of Mississippi's major universities were represented, as well as several private institutions.