MPD Arrests Three in Gregory Murder

It's been just over a month since Christopher Gregory's body was discovered in this mobile home on Feb. 13. And despite numerous hang-ups, police think they've finally solved the case. Three individuals, Jasper Hill, Terikay Rackley and Billy Ray Barrett, are in custody right now on charges of murder. Lt. Griffith says the major turning point in this case was when investigators were finally able to identify Gregory's body. And from there, everything began to fall into place.

"It's kind of one of those things, one thing leads to another thing, so as they followed the information coming in or the information they're learning about Christopher Gregory, that's how they got to this point," he explains.

The three murder suspects are awaiting a preliminary hearing, which has been set for Monday.

At this time, MPD investigators are still learning more about the connection between these three individuals and Gregory and why they would want him dead.

But police are not yet releasing any of that information. Gregory's grandmother does tell Newscenter 11 over the phone that they did not know the men involved, but the woman,Terikay Rackley, was supposedly a friend of Gregory's. Lt. Griffith says reaching this point in the investigation is a relief, but investigators can't be fully relieved until it's completely over.

"There's still a lot of work for detectives to do past this point," he says. "This is kind of the relief point, you might say, where the charges come in, but there's also work past that until it goes through to grand jury and on into trial."