MPD Changes

Some more changes are being made at the Meridian Police Department. Officers will be out in full force throughout the State Games of Mississippi. Also, the Meridianite Picnic, which is set to bring thousands more people to Meridian next week, is expected to mark the rebirth of MPD's now defunct bike patrol. Chief Benny Dubose says the plan is to debut the bike patrol at Highland Park during the picnic next Saturday.

Efforts are also being made to hire more officers. In fact, three officer applications are currently being reviewed, and Chief Dubose says it's possible that some officers, who recently left the department, could be rehired.

"I received a few phone calls from officers who had left the department, and they're showing an interest in coming back," says Chief Dubose. "I will be talking with them. Hopefully we can get back up to where we need to be by the end of the year."

MPD currently has 85 officers. Chief Dubose is hopeful to have 95 by the end of this year. The department is actually allotted to have 105 officers.

During the previous chief's tenure, there were concerns from city leaders about high officer turnover. At this time Chief Dubose does not foresee that to be a problem.

"If there is any discord at this time I'm not aware of it. The officers seem to be anxious to get to work, and perform their duties. Everybody seems to be getting along."