MPD Charges One, Searches for Another Suspect

Meridian police have arrested the man believed to be responsible for shooting a man to death in a violent carjacking on Friday night. During that carjacking, three men were shot, two were hospitalized and the third was later found dead in that stolen vehicle. Det. Dareall Thompson says investigators have been working hard to find the person responsible for this violence as quickly as possible.

"We wanted to make sure we hurried and got this person off the street, so that's the reason why we worked within 72 hours to put him in custody," he says.

Police took Cedrick Norman into custody around eight o'clock last night in the eleven-hundred block of 34th Avenue. Norman is charged with capital murder, armed robbery, carjacking and aggravated assault, as well as a probation violation. But police don't believe he was working alone. And they're still looking for another individual who was connected with this crime.

"Detectives with the meridian police dept. Are still looking for one person that was involved with the incident that occurred," Det. Thompson says.

They're not yet releasing any information on who that other individual is or what his connection is to this crime. Det. Thompson says the gang task force unit took Norman into custody using information gathered by the "violent crime unit." but another big help was the cooperation from the victims in this case.

"It's very helpful when they're able to give us a lot of information on the suspect," Det. Thompson says.

And Norman was no stranger to those victims. Det. Thompson says they knew the man who took their vehicle.