MPD Continues Western Gardens Fire Investigation

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department says the investigation into that devastating fire at Western Gardens Apartments is still very active.

A third person was taken into custody on Tuesday and detectives aren't ruling out additional arrests. Detective Dareall Thompson tells us the two suspects arrested on Friday have made an initial appearance in court and will still be charged as juveniles. Meanwhile, the third suspect will make his first appearance in court any day now.

"The two, they already had their hearing, they will still be in custody and the third one will have a hearing sometime this week," Thompson explains.

Detective Thompson says the third suspect is also being charged with arson and says the judge will decide whether to still charge the individual as a juvenile or as an adult.

"Based on the detectives investigating, they were able to charge the third person in this incident," Thompson says.

The third juvenile was taken into custody sometime on Tuesday and Thompson says as far as any additional arrests are concerned, investigators are not ruling anything out. The case is simply still under investigation. He does admit it can be hard on detectives when a case is centered around young people.

"It makes it hard that our juveniles would commit some type of like this," Thompson adds. "But, it is tough."

A motive for the fire remains unclear.