MPD Crime Information Less Forthcoming

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Meridian, Miss. The weekend was busy for Meridian police. Numerous violent crimes were reported by residents. Several are now under investigation by the MPD.

But police continue a recent policy of releasing very little information about where and when those crimes happened.

Meridian police stated in Monday's crime report that there were three armed robberies over the weekend in the city, along with a strong armed robbery. But once again, continuing the recent policy put in place by new police chief, James Lee, and Mayor Percy Bland, do not give information about where or when those robberies happened.

In fact, there was even less information than usual released about robberies from the weekend. The MPD did not say if the robberies were of individuals or at businesses nor any information about what kinds of weapons were used or what the suspects looked like.

Newscenter 11 has learned that at least two of those robberies took place in the 1000 block of North Frontage Road, an area where many shoppers in the city go every day. Other robberies were reported on 2nd Street and 18th Street.

Police will only say there were several drive-by shootings over the weekend. Officials said people were injured in two of them, but the injuries were not life-threatening. shows that police responded to at least ten calls of shootings over the weekend, including several very near Highland Park, one of the city's busiest and most historic parks.

Once again, police did not say anything specific about when or where they happened, if there are any suspects, or what those suspects might look like.

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