MPD Explains Hopkins Video Footage

WTOK-TV's request for the video evidence from Hopkins' hearing was granted, and now Meridian police are talking Newscenter 11 through what they say happened on that day. Chief James Lee says this video shows Hopkins committing about a dozen violations, which he says began the moment Hopkins went after the suspect of a misdemeanor crime while off-duty.

"We want you to understand this is a simple case of the rules, the rules that were broken and nothing more," Chief Lee says. "We'd like to also ask the public please before watching this video, make sure there are not little children around. We don't want to impact anyone in the wrong way."

Chief Lee says Hopkins heard the call that Saber Knott was trying to scam a clerk out of money when he dropped off his wife for work at dispatch. Lee says Hopkins then went after Knott in an unmarked vehicle, which led to a high-speed chase. Meridian police say detectives are not allowed to respond to misdemeanor crimes like this one unless specifically requested to do so and chasing a suspect in an unmarked car is also a violation. Chief Lee says Hopkins was called off the pursuit. You can hear that order and Hopkins' respond 10-4 in confirmation.

But police say he does continue. When Hopkins caught up to Knott, he cut off his vehicle from the front and began to shoot at Knott. You can see from this footage Knott's SUV on the right and Hopkins on the left firing his weapon.

Chief Lee says by shooting at Knott after he was ordered to stand down, Hopkins could have injured the other officer present or the general public traveling along the nearby road.

This is the same video and audio evidence that the police department will use in Hopkins' hearing on March 11.