MPD Hires New Officers

Meridian, Miss. Meridian's Police Department showed off it's new officers and recruits today.
Police Chief James Lee and Mayor Percy Bland addressed new officers who have come to the department from other cities, as well as ten new recruits. Chief Lee says the recruits still have months of training ahead of them. But Officer Devie Freeman is already on patrol. Freeman was hired back in August with 15 years experience with Canton Police, the Fulton County Sheriff's Department and other law enforcement agencies.
Newscenter 11 asked Freeman why he chose the Meridian Police Department, "Meridian has something i'm looking for," he said. "That is the opportunity to grow, and it has the excitement that I enjoy."

Chief Lee says the recruits will continue training even after 12 weeks of the police academy. "A field training officer will certify them as good to go or not. 'He needs remedial shooting or he needs remedial driving, or he's not talking to the public correctly.' They'll fix those little kinks before we put them out on the street."
Chief Lee says the new hires bring the number of Meridian Police officers to about 106.