MPD Investigates Four Shootings in Past Week

Meridian police are investigating four different shootings that occurred over the past six days. The first shooting happened on Feb. 14. Police say a man was driving down the 900 block of 30th Avenue when he heard a gunshot.

"The victim was actually driving his vehicle North on 30th Avenue when he heard a shot. Of course, he didn't stop then. He stopped later and found the bullet hole. That's when he called and reported it to us."

The man was uninjured in that shooting. The next shooting came two days later on Feb. 16 in the 3200 block of 12th Street. This time both a vehicle and a house were hit by bullets. The victim was home, but suffered no injuries.

"Unable to determine at this time if the house was an intended target or if they were shooting at something else."

The MPD is also investigating a drive-by shooting at 54th Avenue and Arthur street on the 18th. At least two vehicles were involved and a local elementary school was put on lockdown. The last shooting happened yesterday in the 600 block of Martin Luther King Dr., where another residence was hit.

"In the first two, no one was injured. In this one, the victim that was at home, she had some minor scrapes, but that was from running and she fell down."

Police do not believe the incidents are related, but say with shootings like these, it's tough to understand a motive.

"Some of the times the intended residences are the targets. They're sending a message or they're mad about something or whatever. You also have the incidents to where they're shooting at a vehicle down the road and hit the house or have the wrong house."

No charges have been filed yet on any of these shootings.