MPD Investigates Three Armed Robberies Within 24 Hours

Three robberies within just 24 hours are keeping Meridian police busy. The first call came Wednesday at 9:51 a.m. on 29th Avenue Alley. The victim told officers she was walking from her car to her house when a black male put something that felt like a gun to her back and asked for her money.

"She told him she didn't have any money," Lt. Griffith of the MPD says. "The suspect then ran off, so he wasn't able to get anything from the victim, and the victim wasn't hurt."

The next call came in early Thursday morning at the Cefco on 24th Avenue. Two black males came in and pulled a gun on the clerk.

"They were wearing, not really masks, but some kind of cloths covering their face and robbed him of cash from the cash drawer, and they got some cigarettes, too," Lt. Griffith says.

The latest came Thursday morning at 8:35 at the Paradise Food Mart on 20th Street when police say a black male wielding a knife attempted to rob the clerk.

"The clerk didn't give him any money, and the suspect ran out of the store," Lt. Griffith says.

During the majority of these crimes, police responded within just one minute of the call, but the MPD says that can often be too late. Detectives don't currently believe that these crimes are connected. All three of those investigations are ongoing, though.

Between investigations and patrols, the MPD says so many armed robberies within such a short period of time is keeping officers extremely busy.

"It's not really an extra added duty, but it is kind of an extra added duty because they're already in the area of these stores, but now they're trying to spend more time at the stores than what they were before," Lt. Griffith explains.

Police say none of these victims were hurt.