MPD Investigating Numerous Shooting Calls

Meridian, Miss. From Friday to Sunday (Mar. 7-9) Meridian police officers responded to 31 calls about gunshots being fired within the city. No one was hurt in any of the incidents. However, police are taking the calls seriously.

According to MPD spokesman, Lt. John Griffith, most of the calls came from the western part of the city.

In one case the victim's car tire was damaged by gunfire. In two other cases, houses were struck by at least one bullet. In the remaining 28 cases, there was no evidence of anything being struck by a bullet. That includes the call about shots being fired around 5 p.m. Saturday in Highland Park.

"In Highland Park, we had several good witnesses on that one, and we actually talked to some subjects on it that were possible suspects," said Griffith. "Of course, there weren't any firearms on them, so all that we could do was just take their information."

At this time Griffith says it's unknown if any of the crimes are connected, or whether most or some of the disturbances were caused by juveniles who are out of school this week for spring break.

"It could be. We usually tend to be busier when school is out," said Griffith. "It could be that, or it could be attributed to the prettier weather. You know that it was prettier and warmer this weekend so people were out and about. There's a lot of different factors that it could be."

A strong-armed robbery also happened in Highland Park just before noon Sunday, when a bicycle was stolen from a juvenile by three people who are also believed to have been juveniles.

"You know, the big thing with spring break is that the kids are out of school, but mama and daddy still have to work," Griffith said. "So, it's a little harder to keep up with your kids, but be mindful of where your kids are at and what they're doing while you're out."

As of this posting, investigations into all of the cases are ongoing but no arrests had been announced.