MPD Investigating Overnight Motel Robbery

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Meridian, Mississippi Local authorities are investigating a strong armed robbery at a local motel that left one man injured.

Meridian Police say the victim was inside of a room at the Super Inn when he heard a knock at the door a little before 1:00 Wednesday morning. When he opened the door, officers say several individuals entered the room and assaulted the victim.

"Because there were so many individuals involved in this, we believe some of these individuals may not have known exactly what was happening until it was happening," Captain Dean Harper points out. "Only later on they realized what happened, especially when they see this story."

Harper says there are male and female suspects in this case, both white and black, something that's very unusual he says. Investigators tell Newscenter 11 they actually have a couple of leads in the motel robbery, but say they can't elaborate on that because of probable cause and reasonable suspicion. This of course follows the robbery at the Exxon station on Highway 19 North over the weekend. Authorities don't believe the cases are connected.

"We see this every year," Harper explains. "Crime always goes up when the weather gets warmer. It seems this year based on statistics in-house that the general crime increase, not a spike, an increase is coming on a little later this year than it has in prior years."

Harper says it is unclear at this time whether the victim and the suspects in the motel robbery knew each other beforehand. The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police say you can never be too careful when opening your door.

"Before opening your door at a local motel or even at your own home, try to look outside and see if you can tell who it is," Harper suggests. "If you don't know who it is, don't open the door."

Anyone with information about any of the recent robberies in Meridian is asked to call Crimestoppers at 601-485-1860.