MPD Makes Major Cocaine Bust

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Meridian, Miss. Two people are in police custody and facing formal charges after a major drug bust on a local interstate.

The Meridian Police Department tells Newscenter 11 that officers ended up recovering 10 kilos of cocaine from a tractor trailer, worth about $350,000 thousand dollars. Lt. John Griffith says this happened a little before 11:00 Tuesday night near the 157 mile marker on Interstate 20-59 East.

Griffith tells us this is definitely one of the biggest drug busts police have made in quite some time. He says during this type of bust, sometimes officers have a reason to pull the driver over and sometimes it is just random.

"It varies," Lt. Griffith says. "Some of it is just random traffic stops. It could be something as small as you know, driving on the wrong side of the road or that leads to the traffic stop. And then there's also traffic stops we make based off of tips we get from citizens or from outside agencies."

The names of the suspects have not been released since charges have not been filed. Griffith says the drugs were being transported from the Houston area to the Northeast.