MPD Officers Receive Promotions

Meridian, Miss. Meridian Mayor Percy Bland and Police Chief James Lee announced promotions at the Meridian Police Department.

Chief Lee announced that Rita Jack has been promoted to lieutenant, and Travis Ruffin has been promoted to sergeant. Ruffin will be the new patrol sergeant for Alpha platoon. Jack will be the new supervisor over patrols. Jay Arrington, who is over internal affairs, was also promoted to lieutenant. The chief says these promotions are well deserved.

"Hard work, dedication, I expect them to go to work and do their jobs and hold their people accountable to protect this city," said Chief Lee.

"It means a lot of years of hard work, determination, and a payoff day," said Lieutenant Jack.

"To be promoted to sergeant means the mayor and the chief of police have a lot of respect for me," said Sergeant Ruffin.

The promotions were recommended by the chief to the mayor, who approved them.