MPD Prepares for Summertime Crime

Local students are preparing for their last day of school, and so are meridian police. The MPD says criminal activity typically rises during summer. It's an issue they deal with every year, but now officers say they're already working to fight the statistics.

"it's about to be summertime. School's getting out," Det. Dareall Thompson says. "When the weather starts changing, crime may go up due to the fact people are traveling. People are hanging out in the neighborhoods more."

Expect to see increased patrols. And meridian police say although not all of the crime is attributed to youth, one of the best ways to fight crime, is to give kids another outlet once summer vacation starts.

Without school to keep kids busy, meridian police are now teaming up with city leaders to help find new, fun events that keep kids occupied and off the streets.

"We're going to be working with parks and recreation, along with the mayor's office to provide more activities to the youth throughout this summer," Det. Thompson says.

Detective Thompson says the recent wave of community events aimed at curbing crime have already been effective. And are a good sign of what's to come.

"People are tired. They're ready to take a stand and say, 'I'm taking my community back,'" he says. "It's to a point where we're having people reporting more crime to us now."