MPD Releases December Crime Figures

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The Meridian Police Department says that the number of burglaries, robberies, and stolen cars in the Queen City dropped in the month of December, compared to November 2012 and December 2011.

Police tell Newscenter 11 it is more effective communication between authorities and citizens that is responsible for the drop in some forms of crime. However, it is important to stress that shootings are not included in these recent figures. Police do say that shooting calls and murders are both up in 2012, but exact numbers are not available at this time.

Police say there were 18 robberies in December 2012, compared to 19 in November 2012 and 23 in December of 2011. Stolen vehicles were down by about half in December, compared to November.

"In house, we track auto, residential, and commercial burglaries," Captain Dean Harper explains. "As well as stolen vehicles and robberies. We believe these crimes are the ones that the officer has the best chance of preventing. Person on person crimes are not included in this report that we are releasing because those cases are really complicated to compare to each other. Simple assaults versus domestic violence versus aggravated assaults. "

Authorities say they realize a lot of people will be skeptical about these newly released numbers. That is why there is a website set up to verify the numbers. It is It is available to everyone, free of charge. Police say it helps everyone be aware of the crimes around them.