MPD Reports Drop in Crime

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department says new numbers show a drop in most forms of crime for this year compared to last year.

MPD reports the number of armed robberies in October, November, and December of last year was higher compared to October, November and the first half of December for this year. Lt. John Griffith says a number of crime fighting tactics are to credit for the drop in crime.

"The zones and the quads are working," Griffith says. "And that combined with the kind of becoming proactive as we attack crime and how we set our officers up in their quads and in their zones."

Lt. Griffith says the number of robberies, specifically strong armed robberies, where no weapons were involved, rose from three last year to ten this year. He says new figures show auto burglaries are down just a fraction, although there has been a bit of spike during this holiday season.

"We pulled extra officers off and put them in the hot spots during the hot times," Griffith points out. "And as a result, we actually made an arrest on an auto burglary that was actually connected over into some stolen vehicles with the county."

Griffith says in general, crime rates adjust based on officer visibility. He says because of the new quad system, officers have a more specific area they are responsible for covering, which means it is easier to notice suspicious activity.