MPD Reports Rise in Burglaries

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Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department says there has been an increase in certain forms of burglary this week. This comes after several weeks of less criminal activity.

There are steps residents can take to protect themselves. MPD tells Newscenter 11 it's as simple as making sure you lock your car doors and don't leave any valuable items in sight when you're out shopping.

Lt. John Griffith says it is not uncommon to see a spike in home and auto burglaries, especially during the holiday season. But overall, this holiday season has not been as active when it comes to these types of crimes. While the rainy and colder weather may be responsible for that, police say you still cannot be too careful right now.

"Best thing you can do is being aware of your surroundings," Lt. Griffith says. "Just watch what's going on around you. You leave your car, make sure you leave you know, presents or GPS' or cell phones, purses... make sure they're not in the open view where somebody can just look in there and see them."

Lt. Griffith says one thing homeowners can do is go around and make sure all of your windows are locked.

Police say if you are ever in a situation that just doesn't feel right, don't hesitate to call them. You can dial 311 to report suspicious activity.