MPD Searches for Second Suspect in Murder, Carjacking

Jamarcus Reed

A violent carjacking last Friday left Meridian detectives hard at work tracking down a thief and a killer. In that robbery, two were sent to the hospital with gunshot wounds and a third individual was found shot to death inside that stolen vehicle. Recently, police Charged Cedrick Norman with capital murder, armed robbery, carjacking and aggravated assault. Now another person could be facing similar charges.

"Detectives with the Meridian Police Department are looking for Jamarcus Reed," Det. Dareall Thompson says. "He's the second suspect in the shooting incident that occurred on June 20."

Norman's arrest was a victory for the MPD, but they say Reed is dangerous. And this case won't be finished until their second suspect is found.

"That's one person that's off the street," Det. Thompson says. "The community will feel more safe once we get this person off the street."

Police are not yet saying exactly what Reed's involvement was in this incident, but they do believe he was with Norman on the night of that murder. The victims in this case have helped in identifying both suspects.

Det. Thompson says this case is a major priority for police right now. And although they already have one suspect in custody, they won't stop until they find their second suspect, and finally close this case.

He says they're confident they will make that arrest. And they're sending a message to Reed: Come to us or we'll come to you.

"At this time, we need him to either come in or we're going to try to pick him up for questioning. If anybody knows his whereabouts, we ask them to call CrimeStoppers or 311," Det. Thompson says.