MPD Searches for Suspects in Weekend Shooting

Meridian police are still investigating a shooting and attempted robbery from this weekend. Detective Dareall Thompson says three people were leaving a local nightclub Saturday night when they were approached by two black females and a black male, who attempted to take their belongings. The group managed to get away, but were tailed home to Northwood Place Apartments by the three suspects. The suspects again tried to take their belongings. A scuffle broke out, in which one of the suspects pulled out a gun.

"One of the victims punched a male in the face," Det. Thompson says. "At that time, the black male suspect shot, and as a result of that, a female victim was shot in the leg."

The victim was treated at a hospital and has since been released. The suspect got away in a car with three others, but not without first the victims gathering as much information as possible on their attackers.

"They were able to give us a good description on the vehicle, so hopefully, later in this case it will help us solve this case," Det. Thompson says.

Police are searching for a red 2008 Chevy impala with an Alabama tag. Meridian police say they're thankful for that quick thinking.

But Detective Thompson says if you ever feel like you're being followed, don't go home. The best thing you can do is come right here to your local police station.

"Where it's well-lit," he explains. "That way, if you come to the police department, hopefully they won't bother you there. But if you feel like you're being followed just don't exit your vehicle."

Detective Thompson says these three suspects are considered dangerous, and are asking anyone with information to please come forward. The suspect's tag number is 3246H7.