MPD Seeing Less Crime

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Meridian Police say it's been at least a couple of weeks now since they responded to a shooting or armed robbery in the city.

Police tell Newscenter 11 they have still responded to several residential and commercial burglaries in recent weeks, but investigators say the last armed robbery took place Jan. 27. The last shooting happened Feb. 1.

Police say they hope the drop is because of proactive measures being taken.

"Well, if I tried to explain to you some of the new things we're doing out there, the bad guys also watch the news," Captain Dean Harper says. "And so far, they haven't figured out what our new approaches are. Once they do, they'll adjust."

Captain Harper does say the department has reestablished some patrol patterns, as well as switched some personnel from one shift to another.

To verify the city's crime numbers, you may visit A link is provided below.