MPD Seizes Lots of Cash

Photo credit: Meridian Police Department
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Meridian, Miss.
Meridian police say they seized hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash during a routine traffic stop.

Investigators say it happened somewhere on Interstate 20 Wednesday, but officers did not release the exact location.

Capt. Dean Harper says during the traffic stop, the officer discovered a secret compartment inside the vehicle, which contained $364,590.

The money will allow the police department to purchase new equipment and supplies.

Harper says this is part of a new effort by the department to not only curb crime, but to take the fight straight to the criminal. Due to a drug task force agreement, the city of Meridian will receive 80% of the funds and Lauderdale County will get 20%.

Harper says the money has been turned over to the city of Meridian and will go through legal proceedings before it would be available.