MPD Updating Interrogation Procedures

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The Meridian Police Department tells Newscenter 11 it is the middle of updating some of its policies and procedures within the department.

Acting Chief James Sharpe says these changes stem from the shooting death of a Jackson police officer. Sharpe tells us the department has certain practices it uses to keep that from happening here, but says those procedures have not actually been addressed on paper. The changes will be centered around how a suspect is handled during the interrogation process.

"But at this time, we're in the process, or I'm in the process of reworking our current rules and regs," Sharpe says. "In a lot of ways, our rules and regs are out of date. There have been several updates since they were initially put out. But, the initial rules and regs that we're working under were put out in 1999."

Sharpe says he plans to to implement the new rule in the next 60 to 90 days.