MPD's Fight Against Crime Not Over

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James Sharpe has only been serving as Meridian's acting police chief for about two weeks now, but he says he is already looking at new ways the department can keep its fight against crime going.

Sharpe says the police department has enacted several new things in an effort to keep the crime down across the Queen City, including going from an analog radio system to a digital system, keeping many criminals from listening to the scanner.

"If you listen to the scanner for any length of time, it wasn't hard to determine patrol patterns, you know, how long officers were going to be stuck on a call," Sharpe says.

Of course, Mayor Cheri Barry ordered additonal officers to patrol the streets back in December, following her press conference on crime. Sharpe says the fight isn't over though.

"I'm working on programs, certain programs that I can't divulge right now just becuase of the nature of them that will actually deter crime even further," Sharpe adds.

Daily crime reports from the Meridian Police Department have been very short in recent weeks. This month, MPD has only responded to two shootings in which the victims only suffered minor injuries. The last armed robbery occurred late last month.