MPSD Could Soon See SACS Accreditation

Meridian, Miss. After a long bumpy road, the Meridian Public School District has been given a recommendation for SACS accreditation.

Currently, only secondary schools within the district are accredited. This is the first year the entire district is considered for accreditation. But Superintendent Dr. Alvin Taylor says he's been confident in their results.

"I always say anybody can come and visit any of our schools on any given day and see the same thing. We don't put on shows; we just come to work and work hard every day," Dr. Taylor says.

Advance Ed, which functions as an international parent company for SACS, has just finished an extensive examination of Meridian public schools. The company announced at a board meeting that it is pleased with the findings.

"Our job is to go in and confirm the results, validate those results, so we can provide some feedback for the districts and schools to lead to continuous school improvement," Sharon Bell, associate director for accreditation explains.

This exit report comes after rigorous research and over 400 interviews. And when it comes to school improvement, there are some areas that Advance Ed noted the school district needs to improve.

"Instructional delivery, the rigor of instruction, the impact of instruction in the classroom are where we were cited as needing an area to improve in," Dr. Taylor says.

Dr. Taylor says the schools will do their best to continue to improve on all of these areas. And they must respond to a list of required actions. But overall, results were positive.

"We saw good things going on in every one of those buildings. The students were well-behaved. They were happy to be where they are," Bell says.