Students Qualify for Scholarship Program

Meridian, Miss. The East Mississippi Business Development Foundation presented the Meridian Public School District with a scholarship program.

The Mississippi Scholars Program emphasizes relevance and rigor in academic classes. The qualifications required for the program include twenty hours of community service, 95 percent attendance rate, two years of a foreign language and at least a 2.5 grade point average. This year, One hundred and fifty-seven graduating seniors qualify. Fifty-nine come from county schools and 98 are from Meridian High School.

"Our goal and hope is that our students raise our expectations and achieve better things so they'll come back to Meridian and make our community a better place," said Kacey Bailey, vice chairman of the East Mississippi Business Development Foundation.

"It recognizes and rewards our students for excelling in academics which is what we need to be doing," said Meridian Public Schools Superintendent Alvin Taylor. " We need to give our students as much recognition for academic achievement as possible."

The scholarships will be awarded by the East Mississippi Business Foundation on April 15th at Meridian Community College's Multi-Purpose Building.