MPSD Recognizes Teachers

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Meridian, Miss. Awards have been handed out to twelve teachers with Meridian Public Schools for outstanding implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support program, known as PBIS.

PBIS is a new program geared toward positive reinforcement. The program uses strategies to limit the use of exclusionary discipline, or action that takes students out of the classroom.

Howard Hagwood says all the teachers' hard work is paying off in a big way.

"Our teachers have worked so hard this year in Meridian Public Schools that we've seen a decrease in discipline across the year, particularly exclusionary discipline," said PBIS director, Howard Hagwood. "Overall we've seen about a 49% decline in exclusionary discipline since the implementation of PBIS last year."

Twelve teachers received this special recognition:

Thomas Adams, Crestwood Elementary
Jamie Manning, T.J. Harris Lower Elementary
Jessica Wilson, T.J. Harris Upper Elementary
Keila Crenshaw, Parkview Elementary
Bethany Garrett, Poplar Springs Elementary
Janice Turnage, Oakland Heights Elementary
Nell Barron, West Hills Elementary
Vickie Arnstein, Carver Middle
Amy Grady, Magnolia Middle
Jonathan Brown, Northwest Middle
Miranda Harrison, Meridian High
Lori Gatlin, Marion Park