MPSD Teachers of the Month

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Meridian, Miss. This Friday marked the first of several that Meridian teachers will be honored on. The new program, started with the Mayor's office and Parks and Recreation Department chooses two schools each month where the principals there will select a Teacher of the Month. This month, Northwest Middle and West Hills Elementary Schools honored 8th grade math teacher Kimberly Hill and 1st grade teacher Britney Pippin.

"I love my kids, love them to death. I try to give them activities that they enjoy doing. Next week we're going to work on something that one of my students chose."

"We are here all day every day. We are here working hard with these kids, and they know it and they see it. They're glad to honor us, and they know we're working hard."

Both school principals, Jackie McFarland and Candi Robertson say that while all of their teachers contribute a great deal to their schools, they chose Hill and Pippin because they go above and beyond, and actively engage their students.

"She came in and she was enthusiastic. She already told me before school started that 'my class is going to be a little loud, but we're learning,' and every time I go in, the students are actively engaged."

"Our criteria is to turn grades in on time, newsletters, grades are updated in the gradebook on time, teachers have perfect attendance, they're on time to work, they go above and beyond the call of duty, and she fulfilled all of those tasks."

Mayor Percy Bland believes this program will strengthen relations between the city, community, and school district, while setting a positive example for the students.

"Our best resource is our children and the teachers that inspire them, so that's what this program is about and we're glad to be a part of it."

Each teacher receives flowers and a $25 gift card from Cartoons and Balloons and Nino Creative Learning Childcare.