MS Power Crews On Standby

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The torrential rain, gusty winds, storm surge, and flooding from Sandy have already caused damage and power outages along the mid-Atlantic and Northeast Coasts. As many as 60 million could lose power before all is said and done, and that has power cooperatives coming together to help each other out. Julie Boles with the East Mississippi Electric Power Association says they have crews ready to go.

"Ten Crews have already been sent to Virginia from other Electric Power Associations in the state of Mississippi. We have not yet sent any crews, but we do have crews that are willing and ready to go."

These agreements between Electric Power Associations are extremely valuable to customers all over the country, and EMEPA has helped out neighboring power companies as recently as August.

"The last was Hurricane Isaac. We sent crews to Coast Electric in Picayune, Mississippi to help out with that storm.

As soon as the call comes in, crews will be able to leave at a moment's notice to make the 1200 mile journey to the Northeast.

"Other electric cooperatives in the states that are hardest hit will be in contact with our statewide office in Jackson, and we'll get a call from them at some point this week if they do need our assistance.

Philadelphia Electric Company has already requested assistance, and Mississippi Power has sent a team of 62 employees to help. Boles believes that the likelihood of EMEPA having to send crews is "about a 50/50 chance."

The cleanup and power restoration process will likely take weeks as crews from all over the country, including some right here in Mississippi answer the call to help.