MSU Meridian Awards Riley Scholarships

Meridian, Miss. MSU Meridian presented Riley Next Step Scholarships to 64 outstanding community college graduates. This is the fourth year in a row that these scholarships have been awarded.

The scholarships provide four semesters of free tuition and fees to transfer students who are continuing their education at MSU Meridian.

The Riley Foundation and other donors have made almost $400,000 available to these area students to continue their education.

"Students of outstanding academic record as well as well as personal service and great personality are actually rewarded for their hard work," said Dr. Toby Bates, assistant professor of history. "And we're very excited on this campus to have students of this caliber walking our halls and taking our classes."

This is the breakdown of award winners through the 2-year colleges they attended:
East Central Community College - 15
East Mississippi Community College - 7
Meridian Community College - 34
Jones County Junior College - 8