MSU Graduate Gets More Than a Degree

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Meridian, Miss It's that time of the year, a time that every student strives to achieve, the opportunity to walk across that stage as a graduate.

Friday morning, 131 degrees were conferred by MSU Meridian.

It's always special and for some students, the emotions can be overwhelming. Amanda Morgan got something far greater than a college degree as she was surprised by her brother, who returned home from the service just in time to see his older sister graduate college.

"There are so many emotions. I was just completely shocked and so, so happy. Beyond happy. I don't even know the words,” said Amanda. “I'm just excited that my little brother got to come."

Private First Class Sean Morgan found out at the last minute that he would get a two-day pass from the Marines to see his sister graduate and couldn't be happier.

Sean says, "I’m just glad to be back really. This is like the most fun part of the job is when you can come back and see your family and just surprise them. That's the best part of it really, is just seeing her graduate"

Sean and Amanda hadn't seen each other face to face since last September.