MSU Meridian Hosts Business Expo

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Meridian, Miss. The MSU Meridian Division of Business Expo was quite busy Tuesday afternoon. Within minutes of its start, prospective students as well as business leaders came in to explore what the downtown campus has to offer.

Richard Lester, a manager at a local Walgreens, said he was very impressed with the school.

“Walking inside, taking a tour of the building today was a real eye opener," Lester said. "Very nice, very cutting-edge technology school here."

Dr. William Hill, the Division Head, says, "We have a wonderful business community here that supports our students and offers jobs and internships to our students. A degree from MSU Meridian Division of Business is still a degree from Mississippi State University."

Some of the business leaders that came to the expo were looking to form new alliances with the school.

Lester says, "We want to form a business partnership with the school and we are looking for internships, intern people, anybody looking for management career with Walgreens. Of course, we have many roles other than the store side of it."

The formation of new alliances helps to grow an already impressive pool of internship possibilities.

Dr. Hill says, "We have a very good relationship with the two big hospitals in the region, Anderson as well as Rush. And we have internships at those institutions. The health care industry is growing; it is the fastest growing area."