MSU Meridian Hosts Distinguished Guests

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Meridian, Miss. Some distinguished professors from the Czech Republic were guests of Mississippi State University, Meridian campus today. The visit is part of an emerging partnership between MSU Meridian and Charles University in Prague, the oldest and largest university in the Czech Republic. As we found out, even though the two universities are five thousand miles apart, some of the issues are the same.

There's been an on-going dialogue among Dr. Dagmar Gluckaufova , Dr. Oldrich Subrt and MSU's Dean of Business Dr. Sharon Oswald.. It started when Oswald was at Auburn University, and she believes the Healthcare Management Partnership is a good fit for MSU Meridian's business students."Possibly even trying to do a joint program," explained Oswald. "Where some students from here would join with some of their students and possibly be brought over and do maybe a segment of their classes a week or so, either in the Czech Republic or somewhere in their International Program. So they would be doing their program in English. "

Dr. Subrt says the idea is to work together to offer Master's degree candidates an innovative business program in Healthcare Management. "We are looking for cooperation in Education and Healthcare Management," said Subrt. "We already had some student physicians from the United States, and Central Europe, and also, we combined the development of a MBA in Healthcare Management."

Subrt notes even though thousands of miles separate the colleges, the hospitals, and the governments, it comes down to the same problems for health care providers. "We would like to deliver the best care, but we can't," he said, "because the healthcare is on such a high level and is so expensive, that we can't do everything for everybody."

The group also toured Vital Care in Meridian. The educators hope to have the partnership going strong between MSU Meridian and Charles University in about a year.