MSU Meridian Professor Holds Book Signing

Meridian, Miss. A local professor hosted a book signing at MSU Meridian's downtown campus Tuesday evening.

Dr. Paul Allen wrote a book is titled "Choose Stocks Wisely: A formula That Produced Amazing Returns." Allen is a CPA and Professor Emeritus at MSU Meridian who retired from teaching in 2010, but currently teaches accounting classes part-time. His book focuses on using the balance sheet to identify quality companies trading at low prices.

"I had some early failures when I started investing, and it drove me to use the accounting statements that I have been teaching for years. And once I had figured out how to use those statements to identify good companies trading at low prices, I wanted to share that with other people," said Dr. Paul Allen, author of the book.

The book can be purchased for 15 dollars by going to the website, which will direct to where you can buy the book on Amazon.