Man Charged With Grand Larceny for Stealing Employer's Bathtub

Robert A. Morgan

Meridian police have charged 31-year-old Robert A. Morgan with two counts of burglary and grand larceny for stealing from the woman he works for.

Robert Morgan is facing charges for stealing from his employer. Morgan does maintenance work on the burglary victim's rental properties. Police say he broke in and stole a variety of appliances from two of her properties on C Street in Meridian. Then, he visited another one of her properties on 22nd Avenue Heights and stole a bathtub that was outside - resulting in the grand larceny charge.

"Grand larceny is anything over $500. So if it costs $500 or more, it's grand larceny. If it's less, it's petty larceny. The bathtub in this case would have been over that $500 mark."

Police were able to catch Morgan thanks to an individual who alerted the victim.

"Somebody had called her. He was supposed to be at a rental property somewhere else working, and somebody called her and told her that he was at one of the ones on C Street inside the house. That's how she found out, and she in turn called us and officers responded to it."

The burglaries occurred on Nov. 25 and officers were able to catch Morgan just over one week later.

"Meridian Police say Morgan's familiarity with these locations is one of the biggest reasons he chose to target these particular homes."

"His knowledge of the property is probably what led him to these properties. With him working for her, he's probably been to them before."

After stealing the property, police say he tried to sell most of the items off. But many were recovered by the owner.

"I believe he had sold them for scrap. And I believe the owner actually went to the scrap yard and found some of the items."

Morgan's bond is set at $30,000 for the two counts of burglary and $15,000 on the grand larceny charge for a total of $45,000.