Man Charged with Five Different Armed Robberies

Meridian, Miss. The Meridian Police Department and the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Department have charged a man for five different armed robberies in this area over the past few weeks.

Detective Dareall Thompson says investigators have charged Maurice McGowan with robbing the CEFCO station on 35th Avenue twice. Thompson says McGowan also robbed the Exxon station on 22nd Avenue Heights, the Dairy Queen on Highway 39 North, and the Country Store at the intersection of State Boulevard and Pine Springs Road.

"Meridian Police Department, along with the Lauderdale County Sheriff's Dept, based on some evidence that we collected at each robbery, they were able to tie the suspect to four robberies that occurred inside the city and one that occurred in the county," he says.

McGowan's arrest came as a result of a joint investigation with the Meridian Police Department and the Sheriff's Department. Det. Thompson says both forces had to work together to take this suspect down.

"If you have something that goes on inside the city, it's going to occur probably outside in the county," Det. Thompson says. "That's the reason why it was so important for us to work together."

They were able to pin all of these different crimes on McGowan through similarities detectives picked up on at each different crime scene.

"Every time he hit the stores, the description, the mask, clothing," he says.

Det. Thompson says this is a prime example of how many of the crimes we see are being committed by a small number of individuals. And he says this arrest is a win for both meridian police and the Sheriff's Dept.

"It's a small portion of people committing the crimes, but the Meridian Police Dept. is going to constantly battle and fight and bring people to justice," he says.